Christy Gibson, Owner/Photographer 


Being an artist is my life and my passion. There are so many pieces of my life that twist together to create the crazy love I have for my work. I love people, and I love to see people in love. For me, growing up being adopted was such an emotional and overwhelming piece of my life. Over time, I learned that art, and creativity was something I could pour emotion into. It helped me find who I was, and to understand and appreciate my journey. Not knowing all of my past definitely fuels my desire to remember everything in life as it passes by! 


Photography, its forever, you can't recreate time, events, and emotions like you can with a photograph. When we are gone in this life, there aren't many things left to tell our story, photographs are everything. 


The one promise I can make to clients, and/or potential clients is that I am 100% me. I am your friend, your neighbor, a mother and a wife. Photography is how I make a living but it is also something I cherish and respect; every session, or wedding I will treat as if it were my own and have a great time while doing so. I am so humbled by anyone who trusts me with their special occasion! 


Every wedding and event is so unique! This job is high intensity, exciting, emotional and never ever gets old to me! I have made so many wonderful friends and connections throughout the years. 


I attended Columbus College Art & Design, obtained my foundation skills, and the rest was built by the trust of my past clients and their continuous referrals, and of course the support of my family and friends. I shot my first wedding while in high school! (Long story, but a fun one).  


When I was younger, I was involved in the performing and visual arts! I constantly tried to mimic my brothers art, and eventually created my own artistic sense. I started to dance for a studio at age 3. Contemporary, ballet, modern, and anything else I could get into! Everything in my past has been a stepping stone to where I am today!