My name is Christy Gibson, a local wedding photographer located in Columbus, Ohio! I have been a wedding professional in the Columbus area for 13 years.

Photographing couples and capturing weddings is my passion! Columbus, Ohio, is so lucky to have an amazing and ever-expanding wedding industry! 


I am a native of Columbus, Ohio, area! I was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, and I love this town! Columbus has grown and changed so much since I was a child! Columbus, Ohio and surrounding cities have SO much to offer. The wedding industry here in Columbus, Ohio is booming!


The wedding photography search can be pretty overwhelming! Columbus is saturated with wedding photographers; there are truly so many wonderfully talented photographers in Columbus, Ohio. I want to give a little bit of insight to help you make an educated selection for a wedding photographer for your wedding day! After photographing 100’s of weddings in Columbus Ohio, and surrounding areas, I want to help give some truth to help with your search! 


I have proudly photographed at a majority of wedding venues serving Columbus! Although, in the past year there have been a lot of new venues popping up around Downtown Columbus, and even in the rural areas around Ohio! 


While making your selection for a wedding photographer, I suggest looking for a wide selection of photographs. If you only see “natural light photography” with no indoor or low light photographs or most of their images are filtered with a photo “preset” It could potentially be a bandaid for the lack of control of their camera, and lack of ability to use off-camera lighting. Natural light is always beautiful for any photographer, and makes every photographer happy! But, realistically a wedding photographer needs the skill and ability to be able to adjust lighting quickly and not be scared of using other lighting sources! After all, we live in Ohio, and we know how the weather can be! 


An Ohio photographer needs to be ready for any weather condition, quick on their feet, and a fast creative mind. Not all photographers who use presets are lacking in their ability, but consider this style part of their “brand.” This is fine; be sure to do your research! Make sure you see all sources of their wedding photography! I would personally ask to see examples from indoor ceremonies, as well as work from their receptions! 


If you choose my wedding photography services here in Columbus, Ohio I always have a second wedding photographer with me at all times! Her name is Christy as well! We have worked side by side for over eight years, photographing weddings in Ohio, New York, Virginia, and West Virginia. Even though we are proud to be Ohio based, we love to travel and capture new places. 


I highly recommend any couple find a wedding photographer that offers two photographers. While photographing weddings together, Christy and I can be in two different places and capture multiple angles and perspectives from a wedding day. It is so nice to have both perspectives. Camera equipment and lenses are important, as well! I love prime lenses. They are great with low light situations and are very sharp. Perfect for weddings. These lenses do take quite a bit of practice! I shoot weddings and all of my events with two cameras, I have a harness that allows me to be hands-free if needed, and I can capture more with two different lenses close at hand. Constantly stopping to change lenses is something I think takes a lot of time. I like to keep moving, so my clients don’t get bored, and we can capture as much as possible in the allotted time we have. 


Back to a wedding photographer’s abilities and experience! There is something that is a growing trend lately, and this is “Styled Shoots’. Once again, in no way am I criticizing wedding photographers that have these sessions! They can be great networking opportunities and practice. However, be very careful when researching wedding photographers that the images they post are not ALL styled shoots! Some amazing photographs that you see showcased on websites and social media are photos that were taken in perfect lighting, weather, chosen models, and may very well be 1 of hundreds of photos taken of the same scene. In a true wedding, a photographer needs to be able to act quickly, any lighting condition, weather condition, and under extreme pressure of limited time and surroundings. Especially in Columbus, Ohio! We all know how crazy our weather can be! We have to always be on our toes and ready to shoot indoors or any backup location provided to us. Anyone can spend hours photographing couples who are perfectly chosen, made up, and can stand in one spot for hours while they get the perfect "wedding" shots. These are good practices for all vendors; however these are not acceptable examples if they are the only photos a photographer can provide. When choosing a wedding photographer, personality is so important! Aside from talent I feel like this is the highest of importance. 


My wedding photography packages are 8 hour days, sometimes more. We are the only other vendor aside from a possible wedding videographer that is with you the entire day! Wedding photographers travel with you; they are in close quarters with you, so it’s very important that your personalities mesh and your wedding photographer is professional, fun, and easy-going! So much info to share here! While photography searching, be sure to ask questions about what included. Are there stipulations on your rights to your images? Are all of your wedding photographs edited? And to what extent? Does this particular wedding photographer offer unlimited locations around the Columbus, Ohio area? Or do they charge for more that one location? Are there hidden fees, taxes, etc tacked onto the package price? Do you get ALL of your edited images, or do you get to choose a limited few? Does your photographer edit their images, or do they outsource? Is this particular photographer knowledgeable of the Columbus, Ohio area? If not, will they have a game plan and research/scout the areas before the wedding?



 I can't express enough how much I love being a wedding photographer in Columbus, Ohio! We have a wonderful wedding industry, and amazing people here that continue to hire us and refer is to other brides! We do photograph anywhere! We are not limited to the Columbus, Ohio area; we travel out of state, and to surrounding cities such as Cincinnati, Dayton, Cleveland, and much more! We are proud award holders of The knot Best of Weddings for Columbus, Ohio, for seven years, as well as the Hall of fame award! I am a two-time winner of the International WedAward and a member of the Fearless Photographers Society. I would love to hear about your wedding plans! Please note there may be travel fees and accommodations required for weddings outside of the Columbus, Ohio area. 


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